Wow your guest this Easter

I am a big fan of carrot cake.  I can’t imagine Easter dessert without it.  I mean what would the Easter Bunny say?  Because of that, one of my April specials at The Sugar Moon is a carrot cake that is sure to please the Easter Bunny and all the rest of your guests.  It’s just regular, very moist and very tasty carrot cake, but it’s decorated with candied carrot strips.  Yes that’s right…candied carrot strips.  I wish I was a better photographer because the pictures truly do not do this cake justice.  It is just beautiful.   If you’ve never had a candied carrot strip, you should get this cake just to try them!  What does Rachel say?  Yumm-O!

Check out my website specials this month for all the ordering information.  It will be a perfect compliment to your Easter dinner and you’ll definitely make a lasting impression on your Easter guests!


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