Semi-Homemade Cooking

My church had a women’s get-together  tonight.  It was the conclusion of a four session Semi-Homemade Cooking Class.  We’ve learned some great ideas for using ready-made products to create amazing dishes that taste homemade.  Yes, even I use quick tricks sometimes in my cooking and baking! 🙂

Tonight, since it was the final session, we had a July 4th Red, White and Blue themed dessert buffet! Wow!  Lot’s of great yummy foods!  This was my semi-homemade contribution before it was baked:and after:The semi-homemade part is the crust and the filling.  All I really did was assemble it and bake it!  The dark is blueberry pie filling and the red is cherry of course.  I used refrigerated pie crust for the bottom crust and to cut out the “stars and stripes!”

Our host, Tauna is an amazingly creative and talented person. She did these beautiful chocolate dipped Oreo’s and cake pops.

And the table was set so beautifully and festive.

It was  a great night and now I have some great ideas for my July 4th celebration!


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